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Clasificarea Activitatilor din Economia Nationala

Industria extractiva

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Corespondenta cu NACE rev.2 ?InfoNACE rev.2 este Nomenclatorul Activitatilor din Comunitatea Europeana, utilizat in toate statele membre.

CAEN este traducerea acestui nomenclator.

ENG - Mining and quarrying
FRA - Industries extractives
GER - Bergbau und gewinnung von steinen und erden

Descriere (limba engleza) ?InfoDescrierea este prezentata in limba engleza, fiind textul oficial conform NACE rev.2 (Nomenclatorul Activitatilor din Comunitatea Europeana).

Traducerea in limba romana nu este disponibila in format electronic, autoritatile romane oferind-o publicului doar in format tiparit, contra cost, desi este o simpla traducere a unei clasificari la nivel european care poate fi consultata gratuit de catre orice persoana.

Versiunea in limba romana este traducerea fidela a prezentului text din limba engleza.

Mining and quarrying include the extraction of minerals occurring naturally as solids (coal and ores), liquids (petroleum) or gases (natural gas). Extraction can be achieved by different methods such as underground or surface mining, well operation, seabed mining etc.
This section includes supplementary activities aimed at preparing the crude materials for marketing, for example, crushing, grinding, cleaning, drying, sorting, concentrating ores, liquefaction of natural gas and agglomeration of solid fuels. These operations are often accomplished by the units that extracted the resource and/or others located nearby.
Mining activities are classified into divisions, groups and classes on the basis of the principal mineral produced. Divisions 05, 06 are concerned with mining and quarrying of fossil fuels (coal, lignite, petroleum, gas); divisions 07, 08 concern metal ores, various minerals and quarry products.
Some of the technical operations of this section, particularly related to the extraction of hydrocarbons, may also be carried out for third parties by specialised units as an industrial service which is reflected in division 09.

This section excludes:
- processing of the extracted materials, see section C (Manufacturing)
- usage of the extracted materials without a further transformation for construction purposes, see section F (Construction)
- bottling of natural spring and mineral waters at springs and wells, see 11.07
- crushing, grinding or otherwise treating certain earths, rocks and minerals not carried on in conjunction with mining and quarrying, see 23.9


Corespondenta cu NACE rev.2:
ENG - Mining of coal and lignite
FRA - Extraction de houille et de lignite
GER - Kohlenbergbau
Corespondenta cu NACE rev.2:
ENG - Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
FRA - Extraction d'hydrocarbures
GER - Gewinnung von Erdöl und Erdgas
Corespondenta cu NACE rev.2:
ENG - Mining of metal ores
FRA - Extraction de minerais métalliques
GER - Erzbergbau
Corespondenta cu NACE rev.2:
ENG - Other mining and quarrying
FRA - Autres industries extractives
GER - Gewinnung von Steinen und Erden, sonstiger Bergbau
Corespondenta cu NACE rev.2:
ENG - Mining support service activities
FRA - Services de soutien aux industries extractives
GER - Erbringung von Dienstleistungen für den Bergbau und für die Gewinnung von Steinen und Erden

Legislatia utilizata

CAEN Rev.2 este implementata la nivel national incepand cu 01.01.2008, conform Ordinulului nr. 337/2007 al Presedintelui Institutului National de Statistica, privind actualizarea Clasificarii activitatilor din economia nationala – CAEN, publicat in Monitorul Oficial, Partea I nr. 293 din 03/05/2007.


Actualizarea CAEN Rev.2 a fost efectuata cu respectarea prevederilor Regulamentului Comisiei Europene Nr. 1893/2006 de modificare a Regulamentului Consiliului Comunitatii Economice Europene Nr.3037/90 privind Nomenclatorul Activitatilor din Comunitatea Europeana – NACE Rev.2. Rubinian va pune la dispozitie corespondenta CAEN rev.2 cu NACE rev.2, inclusiv explicatiile pe marginea codurilor (in limba engleza).

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